Water Ecuador 2015 Holiday Letter

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Water Ecuador has recently shifted its focus this past year and we want to take a moment to highlight our exciting new approach to addressing water inequality in Latin America as we prepare for the new year. Our research over the last two … Continued

Volunteer Profile of Johann Lipman

Name: Johann Lipman Major: Masters in Engineering, Mechanical and Materials School: The University of Queensland, Australia Why did you decide to volunteer for Water Ecuador? I recently graduated from university and I wanted to volunteer in my field of engineering … Continued

Rafael Quijada, a Water Ecuador volunteer, takes a deeper look into the bottled water of Honduras

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My name is Rafael Quijada, I’m El Salvadorian and have been living in Honduras for four years. Honduras is an amazing country that is incredibly welcoming to visitors. It has many amazing sights, including the world’s second largest Coral Reef, the stunning Lake … Continued

Water Ecuador Executive Director James Golden Revisits Muisne, Ecuador to Research Innovative Bottling Solutions for Drinking Water

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The last time I was in Muisne was exactly a year ago, and the town is almost completely unchanged. In fact, the only noticeable differences are that they painted the sidewalks red and yellow (they had just painted them blue … Continued

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