Karla Feeser’s Water Ecuador Volunteer Profile

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Name: Karla Feeser Major: M.P.H Environmental Health (with minor in Nonprofit Management) School: Georgia State University Why did you decide to volunteer for Water Ecuador? I am interested in global health and economic development.  I met Water Ecuador founder Alex … Continued

Avital Li: Water Ecuador Volunteer Profile

Name: Avital Li Major: Sustainability, Science, and Society School: McGill University Why did you decide to volunteer for Water Ecuador? I want to gain field experience in community work and sanitation (my passions!) What will you be doing with Water … Continued

Five things I’ve Learned about the “Ecua Life” – Life in Tena and Archidona, Ecuador by Hunter Davis, Water Ecuador Volunteer

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I’m here in Ecuador to work with both the Runa Foundation and Water Ecuador on a research project in the Napo Province of Ecuador. We are testing large 20 liter reusable water bottles for contamination in continuation of Water Ecuador … Continued

Water Ecuador Executive Director James Golden Revisits Muisne, Ecuador to Research Innovative Bottling Solutions for Drinking Water

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The last time I was in Muisne was exactly a year ago, and the town is almost completely unchanged. In fact, the only noticeable differences are that they painted the sidewalks red and yellow (they had just painted them blue … Continued

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