Water Ecuador 2015 Holiday Letter

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Water Ecuador has recently shifted its focus this past year and we want to take a moment to highlight our exciting new approach to addressing water inequality in Latin America as we prepare for the new year.

Our research over the last two years has unveiled an important issue that potentially impacts millions of people worldwide. Much of the developing world drinks bottled water truckwater transported in large, reusable jugs, similar to those found in many US office buildings. It is very common for people living in these communities to spend a significant amount of their weekly income on this bottled water to try to protect their families from debilitating waterborne illnesses. However, our research has found that over 70% of these bottles still contain high levels of bacterial contamination and pose a serious health risk. Our continued efforts have identified biofilms, which standard cleaning procedures fail to remove, that form on the inside of these bottles as the primary source of contamination.

We need your support as we continue to investigate these important issues and work toward creating universal #DrinkingWaterEquality. At Water Ecuador we are committed to finding sustainable solutions that address the root causes of these problems. Your end-of-year gift will help fund our engineering and field research and much more over the coming year. Water Ecuador’s passionate team is made up entirely of unpaid volunteers, so you can be sure that all of your money will go toward making a difference rather than someone’s paycheck.

Please consider supporting Water Ecuador at http://waterecuador.org/you-can/donate/.

Thank you so much for working with Water Ecuador to try to make clean drinking water a reality for everyone this holiday season.

Best regards and happy holidays,

The Water Ecuador Team


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