Volunteer Profiles of Christine and Terry Durham, Water Ecuador volunteers in Aguascalientes, Mexcio.

Terry Durham WE Volunteer
Terry Durham testing a 1 L water jug.

Name:  Terry Durham

Occupation: Retired Petroleum Exploration Geophysicist

Why did you decide to volunteer for Water Ecuador?

For many years I had the goal of working in water projects upon retirement.  After a 4 month volunteer science teaching position in 2013 in Uganda I rather liked the weather while living on the equator.  Back in the USA I happened to see the book The Panama Hat Trail in a New Haven book store/café.  Since I like to wear hats, this was an interesting read about the Ecuadorean origin of the now named “Panama Hat”.  All this led me to Google “Ecuador Water” in search for a water project on the equator (perhaps in Ecuador).  At the top of the Google list was Water Ecuador located at Yale a few blocks from our apartment.  After a meeting with Water Ecuador rep Katherine McDaniel we decided to participate in the 2014 Ecuador water project with James Golden, now the WE executive director.

What are you doing with Water Ecuador this fall? 

Christine and I are currently in the last week of conducting the 3 month 2015 Aguascalientes Mexico water use project.  During this project we tested the quality of water sold in reusable 20 liter jugs in the area and interviewed people about their personal water use.

What is one silly or surprising fact about you?

I like to wear a hat both as a portable sun screen and umbrella.

Anything else to add?

I have enjoyed the cultural experience of living in both Ecuador and Mexico as we volunteer on these Water Ecuador projects.


Name: Christine Durham

Occupation: Retired Teacher

Why did you decide to volunteer for Water Ecuador?

See Terry’s posting! After a rewarding experience in summer 2014 with Water Ecuador in Ecuador, we were happy to volunteer once more here in Mexico. Additionally, it was Terry’s turn to choose a project as I had the educational outreach on our last volunteer work! We seem to alternate between school based and water focused activities.

What are you doing with Water Ecuador this fall?

I have been conducting the demographic surveys. This has been very interesting both in terms of exploring different parts of the city and outlying ‘colonias’, riding old city buses to the end of the line (one driver even beeps his horn now when he sees me!) and hearing the stories of some of the people we meet along the way.

Also, improving my Spanish, although there are days when my brain implodes!

What is one silly or surprising fact about you?

If necessary, I can survive on rice and beans.

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