Volunteer Profile of Jina Lipman

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Name:  Jina Lipman

Major: Bachelor of Engineering, Civil and Environmental

School: The University of Queensland, Australia

Why did you decide to volunteer for Water Ecuador?

I recently graduated from university and I wanted to volunteer in my field of engineering before commencing my career. I was determined to apply my engineering skills to a necessary cause that requires it and Water Ecuador was ideal.

What did you do with Water Ecuador this fall?

I tested bottled water and tank water in Lima, Peru for six weeks while I was on holidays. In this time I researched the water distribution patterns in Lima and tested water sources accordingly. I firstly tested bottled water in central Lima and then tested water from the outer suburbs of Lima in order to form a thorough foundation on water distribution in Lima.

What is one silly or surprising fact about you?

I have claustrophobia and agoraphobia, which means I am terrified of small spaces and really wide open spaces!

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