Meet Water Ecuador’s New Social Media Manager Emily Chicojay

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Emily Chicojay Moore Picture

Name: Emily Chicojay Moore
Degree: Anthropology
School: College of Charleston ’15

Why did you decide to volunteer for Water Ecuador?
I have always been interested in playing a part towards alleviating the issues that affect communities in Latin America. The mission statement of Water Ecuador really struck a chord with me because access to clean drinking water is a basic right that humans across the world deserve. I quickly realized that by joining the Water Ecuador team I could help make a positive change and contribute to greater health for these communities.

What will you be doing with Water Ecuador?
I am the social media manager.

What is one silly or surprising fact about you?
I took a year off after my freshman year of college and worked in Yellowstone National Park, backpacked and kayaked throughout Montana with the Wild Rockies Field Institute, road tripped through Europe with my family, and worked on an organic coffee farm in Hawai’i!

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