Meet Rafael Quijada, a Water Ecuador volunteer in Honduras!

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Name: Rafael Quijada Rafael
School: Escuela Agricola Panamericana Zamorano
Major: Senior Student, Environmental and Development Engineering

Why did you decide to volunteer for Water Ecuador?
Water Ecuador has very interesting research areas. I like the idea to share information with the people in Latin America about the quality of water that they are buying. People have the wrong idea about water bottle. They put more attention in continues buying this water and forget to care their natural water sources. I like the idea that my research with Water Ecuador will help to improve the health and development in Honduras.

What will you be doing with Water Ecuador this summer?
I will conduct a research in Honduras about the quality of water bottle. I will work with 20 L reusable bottles for 8 different brands. The research’s focus is determinate bacteriological contamination.

What is one silly or surprising fact about you?
I like to collect maps of the different parts of the world. I like elephants and I would like to work as a volunteer with them.

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