Volunteer update from Ecuador: Chamanga’s Clean Water Center After Three Months!

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Here in Ecuador, conditions make life difficult for the people, especially here on the coast. Water treatment, however, is quickly becoming the reality. Accessibility continues to soar, but its spread to small pueblos is slow. Small purification centers like ours at Water Ecuador play a vital role in bringing water treatment to the smallest, most underfunded of pueblos. We do so at the lowest possible price – nearly half that of competitors.

There are many challenges that must be overcome in giving a community a water center. One of the greatest that we face is the misperception that our water is inferior to that of competitors. We deal with this issue due largely to the lower price of our water – it is often believed to be of lesser quality. Nothing could be further from the truth of course: our filtration systems are premium, and are cleaned and serviced regularly. Where we source our water is often the exact same as the competitors. Needless to say, the water is good. Still, misperceptions do exist, and we must work to overcome this issue.

Things are off to a promising start in Chamanga. Many people are happy to buy our water; however, we deal with a lot of skepticism and spreading of misinformation as well. It is obvious that much more publicity and education is needed on our part.  Water Ecuador Vice President Alyssa Bilinksi and a group of volunteers are coming towards the end of the month, and I am certain that our work will make a big impact on perception.

Heriberto and I have been piloting an accountability program as well. It was designed by me, who has never taken an accounting or business course, so it isn’t quite perfected. I understand, however, that accurate accounting practices and sustainability are essential to the success of a business, so I hope to have this program fine-tuned and implemented across all water centers as soon as possible. I’m also interested in the beautification of our centers as well, through small gardening and artisanal projects. Improving the public’s perception of our organization is vital to making a positive difference in the community.

Things continue to look up for our small organization, and I would like to thank all of our supporters for making this work possible.


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